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The Martin Mouse Family

This is the story of Martin Mouse.

Martin was born and raised on a small farm by his father, Maynard Mouse, and his mother, Millicent Mouse.

Maynard and Millicent were hardworking, caring parents, who wanted for Martin some of the things they did not have.

They provided Martin with a nice home, even though it wasn't the biggest in the town, it was the neatest and cleanest. They provided Martin with the most love parents can give and Martin grew up into a fine young man.

Very important to Maynard and Millicent, they were able to save enough of their hard earned money to provide Martin with a college education.

Martin graduated at the top of his class. While in college, he met and fell in love with Marjorie Meese. They were married and had 3 children.

Come meet The Mouse Family............

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